What We Do

SONA create subtle, effortless and beautiful home technology systems that give your home the true feeling of effortless luxury.

There are lots of home automation companies that do this, so Why choose SONA?

In addition to conversation worthy home autoamtion that give unrivaled value for money, we give you peace of mind through our SONA Guarantee, Client Care and Lifetime Updates.

We go far beyond simply installing TV and lighting – SONA design and install world-class bespoke home automation systems using our expertise, exacting attention to detail and state of the art technology.

For us – home technology is about creating heightened luxury in your daily life.

Integrated smart home technology is often an element that it can feel difficult to get excited about.  Technology isn’t necessarily as visible as the interior design or the architectural details.

Compromise Doesn’t Feel Good

You and the team you’ve carefully chosen to create your home have gone to extreme lengths to ensure every nuance and detail of the building, from wall-coverings to furniture, fixtures and fitting are exactly right.  Ensuring that the technology also meets those same exacting standards is critical as it can either enhance or in the worst cases – ruin the final experience.

The overall feel of the house (and the way you use it) needs to say as much about luxury, as the design of the home itself.  Effortless luxury is what SONA do best.

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