Home cinema seating – what are my options?

August 19, 2021

A lot goes into choosing the right seating for your home cinema. You’ll be spending many hours sitting in those seats, so you need to make sure they’re comfortable!

The size and position of the seating will also dictate the placement of your speaker system, so planning ahead is a must. Then, after the major decisions have been made, you’ll want to consider the finer details such as materials, reclining options, and accessories.

Who will be using it?

The first question to ask yourself is: Who will be using the home cinema? This may seem a very obvious question, but it’s critical in planning the right type of seating. For example, if it’s a smaller home cinema for an adult couple, you may find that individual cinema seats might work.

Alternatively, if you have kids and the cinema room will be used for family movie nights, then consider sofas that can fit everybody. And let’s not forget comfy seats for your friends. Of course, a couple could choose a sofa, or a family may want cinema seats.

For larger rooms, you may want to have a hybrid setup of sofas and more formal cinema seating arranged in rows. Once you’ve decided what you want, you can plan where it should go.

Location, location, location

So, you’ve chosen the type of seating you’d like in your cinema room. This could be anything from formal cinema seats to a sofa you already own. The most important thing is that it’s comfortable. Once you’ve decided, the seating should be arranged to allow for the best view of your screen. Our expert installers will then be able to position your sound system accordingly.

The finishing touches

Once you’ve made your choice on the type of seating and its location, you’ll want to plan the finer details. If you’re using a sofa that you already own, this part is easy. If not, it’s time to think materials. Do you want fabric or leather seating? Leather may give a luxurious ambience and can be easier to keep clean. With fabric, you can give the room a warmer feeling and match colours to your décor. There is no wrong choice here – it’s all about your personal preference.


There are also several accessories you may add. If you have chosen reclining seats, you’ll decide between manual or electric reclining systems. Either works well, but electric reclining can be programmed to your exact favourite position for that little extra automation.

Additional details that can really add that extra comfort are cup holders, ambient LED lighting, and even USB charging ports. Want to immerse yourself in your movies? Consider seat vibration systems which will rumble along with the on-screen action.

It’s all about comfort

Taking all of these details into account is important, but the fundamental decision should be made based on comfort. You’re going to be spending a few hours at a time in these seats, so make sure that you love them and won’t need to fidget. Choose the kind of seat that makes you feel the most comfortable.

A fantastic brand for any cinema room is Cineak, who offer a wide range of premium home cinema seating options that are extremely comfortable.

Take a seat

Home cinema seating comes with a surprising amount of choice. It may be tempting to use a sofa you already own, but choosing proper seating can take your home cinema to the next level. Ask the team at SONA today about how our experts can help you build your perfect cinema room.