Unrivaled Detail

SONA feel it is vital that you are in full control of each element of your home at every possible stage.

To ensure this, we put together documentation packages that clearly communicate how the technology will be integrated and used throughout the home.  This enables other contractors to work in line with the needs of the technology, giving you the exact result you want.

  • Completely transparent pricing
  • Accurate quotations down to each line item
  • Budgeting through payment schedules
  • Clarity for contractors
  • More efficient project management
  • Enhanced finish and result

Total Transparency

You will know where every penny is being spent.  Our unparalleled attention to detail in our documentation means all of our design proposals and quotations are completely transparent.  Every single line item of the system is detailed and priced individually, down to each hour of installation, and the shelves that are installed in the equipment rack.


We Do What We Promise

It’s not enough that we account for each piece of technology put in.  You need to know that we are promising that each piece of kit will produce a desired result when you move in to your home.  In conjunction with our detailed system costing document, we produce a detailed proposal which clearly sets out the precise functionality that the home automation system will provide.   This means that you can be sure that you are signing off on a system that does what you want it to do, and that we meet our promises when the system is completed.


Clarity for Contractors as Well as Clients

Included in all our packages clients also receive: –

  • Quotations and system specifications
  • Payment schedules and timelines
  • In-depth cable schematics
  • Detailed drawings for other contractors
    (TV recess details, precise speaker & lighting positioning etc.)
  • Full system & operation guide

Enhanced Results

The process of putting together a SONA quote takes days.

We do this to ensure that our clients can expect the most accurate quote for the best system possible, based on their requirements.  In the end this produces the best results for all involved, and that’s the only thing we’re interested in doing.

Heard enough and want to talk tech?  We’d love to!   Call us on +44 (0)1625 54 14 42 or send an enquiry today.

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