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You will use the technology in your home hundreds of times a day.  The relationships we form with you will be long-lasting – extending well beyond the installation stages.

Home automation support, value for money and premium service are at the core of our ethos.  A big promise to make, but we are bold in saying that if you work with us, you will have no regrets.

Whilst SONA carefully select products based on performance and reliability, technology isn’t perfect and can go wrong.  Over the lifetime of a system the chances of an individual piece of equipment having an issue can increase.  Particularly if they are not being regularly maintained.  SONA have solutions is place to overcome this.  Check out our home automation support and commitment to you in our SONA Guarantee.

I'd like to thank you for how you've been around our home for the last two weeks. I'm sure you can imagine we've had people of all shapes and sizes, from all sorts of trades, at all sorts of hours and nobody has treated our home and family with as much respect as you have.

Mr K Finnon