Give Your Home a Glow Up With Exterior Lighting

August 25, 2020

When it comes to building our dream home, we often overlook the benefits of good lighting. With intuitive design, artificial lighting can help us to improve our productivity or even boost our workouts. Combine this with automated blinds and you’ll get better sleep, putting you in a better mood for the day.

But what about outside the home? Whether it’s for entertaining or simply adding to the aesthetic, exterior lighting has a huge role to play.

If you’re not sure where to get started, try some of these home enhancement tips for exterior lighting.

Customise the atmosphere with colour changing LEDs

Create an ambience for whatever mood you’re feeling with colour changing LEDs. Featuring completely customisable settings, these tiny lights can be set up around fences, plants or water features to completely change the effect of the garden.


Consider using automated settings, for example. You could try neutral tones during the week and arrange a spectrum of changing colours if you’re entertaining at the weekends. You could also change them based on the season, from warmer tones in summer to ice blues at cooler temperatures.


Put the spotlight on your home

Want to draw more attention to a particular area? Perhaps there’s a chiminea or exterior wall feature that commands attention. If so, uplighting may be able to help.


Uplights are subtle bulb installations located in the ground or floor. As soon as they’re illuminated, they draw attention to whatever object they’re nestled beneath. Even if you use them functionally, for example, highlighting a doorway, they add a subtle touch of class.


Bring features to life

Got a water feature you want to show off, or an impressive rockery? Ideal for flowerbeds, ornaments and more, subtle garden lighting can guide the eye to the best areas of your garden.


If you’ve got an even larger space, don’t forget that you can make use of trees, too. Create an enchanting forest wonderland by mounting exterior lighting in the trees. Entertain the kids by adding these twinkling extras to treehouses. You’ll find a gorgeous example in our integrated home project, which was nominated for four awards and took home the Best Integrated Home at the CEDIA Awards.

Don’t forget – lights can be used in the daytime, too!

Ideal for lighting up outdoor pools or simply shining a little light on foliage, exterior lights work just as well throughout the day. You may even find some that are solar powered, helping you to stay environmentally friendly and keep energy costs down.


How to design your perfect outdoor lighting scene

SONA offers guidance from designers and architects to help you achieve a professional standard outdoor area. For some quick tips, consider:

  • Using a variety of fixtures depending on what you’re highlighting
  • Sticking to warm tones to avoid overpowering one area
  • Incorporating garden furniture and features into the design
  • Considering where guests will be walking and sitting
  • Looking at the lighting from inside your home to get a better view.


Above all, make sure the lights you choose are for exterior use! Like outdoor speaker systems, these will be weatherproof including heat and water resistance. At SONA we are brand agnostic, meaning we work with the products that function best for you – not one singular brand.


Ready to try out exterior lighting? For more advice on how to make your garden an entertaining, relaxing and inviting space, contact SONA today.