Forbes and Lomax: The “Invisible Alternative”

June 17, 2020

The modern luxury integrated home is contemporary by its very nature. 21st Century living is made easy thanks to a treasure trove of home installations. Automated lighting, first-class security and surround sound capture the mood 24 hours a day.

But while all of these technologies can enhance our lives, design also plays a significant role. The integrated home often comprises fresh new designs, from chrome worktops to hidden television sets. For those looking for more of a ‘rustic’ aesthetic, this may seem like a mishmash of genres.

Enter – The Invisible Switch®

With Forbes and Lomax, traditional and contemporary do not have to be chalk and cheese. These innovative products allow period properties to integrate modern enhancements. It’s all done with a few clever design tricks.

Founded in 1987, Forbes and Lomax sought to bridge the gap between the 1930s aesthetic and the modern electrical accessories of today. The archetypal glass, nickel and brass switches of the era ceased to exist in today’s homes, while their present-day counterparts couldn’t match the needs of the integrated home. This led them to pioneer their stunning product: The Invisible Switch®.

How does it work?

Forbes and Lomax specialise in switches, sockets and dimmers. Rather than obscuring paintwork or wallpaper, their switches come with a transparent acrylic plate, allowing homeowners to see the full scope of their interior design. A small, subtle metal toggle switch sits in the centre, creating a non-intrusive finish that’s easy to use.

The switches are ideal for button dimmers, Dolly and Rocker switches, rotary dimmers and Edin Systems. Outside of the UK, they also work with German, French, Italian and Swiss sockets.

Make it your own

Customising the switches comes easily thanks to a selection of colours and finishes. Power sockets are available in a transparent acrylic finish, or you can even choose an etch-primed face for painted sockets, matching your individual colour to a T.

For a touch of classic style, The Unlacquered Brass range features Rocker and Dolly Switches, as well as button and rotary dimmers, and sockets. Maintain the original shine of the brass by keeping it polished, or let it age gracefully to match other brass fittings in the home. You can even add an Aged Brass switch to be in keeping with the rest of your home.

Nickel silver captures that 19th Century feel, while the Stainless Steel range is perfect for slightly more contemporary kitchens. Or for something completely different, make it darker with Antique Bronze, perfectly capturing the Art Deco period. These complement wood furnishings, while the darker Verdigris Range offers a hand-painted, unique patina finish.

See the switches in action

With such an awe-inspiring range to choose from, we were thrilled to choose Forbes and Lomax for a number of our home integration projects. Modern-day living does not need to sacrifice a more traditional aesthetic. The cornerstone of every one of our designs is subtlety that enhances a living space. With these simple switch integrations, homeowners can maintain their classic style while still benefitting from automation and customisation.

No stone is left unturned when it comes to the luxury home. Though they may be large projects, it is the small details that really tie the whole design together. Maintain the timeless values of your traditional property with futuristic enhancements. Never underestimate the power of the little things.

Looking for modern technology with a classic aesthetic? Speak to the SONA team today.