5 Subtle Home Automation Details to Transform Your Home

January 31, 2020

From servers taking up entire rooms to microscopic mobile phones, technology and size have fluctuated a lot over the years. Today, we’re seeing a new shift in design focus when it comes to home automation. It’s not about an imposing piece of kit or devices barely big enough for our hands.

Instead, it’s all about functionality – if technology doesn’t serve to enhance life, it’s pointless.  There’s no more technology for technology’s sake, just because it’s new and cool.

This is where SONA comes in – our subtle home automation installations have been created to fit technology seamlessly within the home, regardless of their size. Their key mission is to make your life more effortless, from security to home entertainment. Here are five of our proudest examples, blending innovation with performance.

How You Control Your Technology

A difficult to use, non-intuitive control is the barrier to any true luxury home automation experience. Our mission is to give you control with intuitive controls, like audio management from one simple tap on an iPad. This is exemplified in our award-winning Cheshire home, featuring a multi-room SONOS audio system.

Volume controls are programmed seamlessly through a SONOS iPad or iPhone app. This gives users remote access to home cinema systems, as well as other smart home operations like motorised blinds.

We also find here at SONA that many of our clients, when it comes to watching TV day to day, prefer a traditional style remote rather than an iPad.  People can take for granted how important sensory elements are when it comes to using home automation.  Many of us still prefer to ‘feel’ buttons whilst navigating though channels without having to look at what we are doing.  We therefore always talk to our clients about their personal preferences when it comes to remote controls.

Engraved keypads

Engraved keypads are your chance to put your individual stamp on the home. Here you can customise exactly what you want each function to say, from lighting controls to blinds, curtains, audio, visual and climate. Choose from the type of setting you want to create, such as entertainment or relaxation, or the mode you want your room to be in – for example, morning or night mode.

You can also use these to automate sequences, for example when you come in from work, or change them seasonally. For even better ease of use, these keypads can be backlit and automated to turn on as soon as you enter a room.

Motorised blinds and curtain rails: flush to the ceiling

This technology can be the hallmark of any luxury home, providing a quick and easy change of atmosphere from a remote device. With their flush to the ceiling effect, the entire room is draped in darkness instantly, helping to promote security or a warm, relaxed environment.

SONA’s solutions can be automated for when you leave the house, and feature no dangerous cords. By integrating them into the ceiling, we create a ‘barely there’ effect that you’ll only notice as the light fills or exits the room. Totally mechanical, there’s no effort required but a swipe of the finger.

Not only that but it really is a time and effort saver.  Many homes these days feature plantation shutters, yet have blinds behind them to black the light out at night.  To close the blinds, you have to open the shutters, close the blinds then close the shutters.  Doing this in a large house with 20 or 30 windows twice a day can actually be really time consuming, so automated blinds just makes good sense, but not many people think of it until they experience how life changing automation is.

Award-winning cable management

This is where we really come into our own, having won awards for the way we put together our systems in a way that make them easy to maintain, serviceable and as future-proof as possible.

The plant room is the central nervous system of any smart home, and needs to be presented as immaculately as the rest of the house.

With our smart cable infrastructure solutions, we offer organised, documented and installed racks. These allow users to remove, add, upgrade or troubleshoot any part of their system throughout the home.

The SONA guarantee

Here’s one subtle detail you can’t see, but it makes all the difference. Every luxury smart home we install comes with our own personal guarantee. As 1 of only 10 companies in the world with CEDIA Member of Excellence status, we strive to provide the highest quality products and thoroughly research changing technologies in the market.

That’s why whatever product warranty your project features, we’ll match it. As long as your product is covered by a manufacturer warranty, we’ll replace it free of charge in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong.

You can also make the most of our Lighting Updates and System Protection Plans, available for the first 12 months. Guaranteed quality never looked so good!

For more information on your home installation project, contact the SONA team today.