Planning for the Future: Award-Winning Luxury Integrated Home

Luxury home technology projects are not just a permanent fixture. They’re designed to evolve and adapt in line with updated products, as well as the individual needs of the customers. In this award-winning luxury integrated home, we built every piece with the future in mind – blending interior design and cutting-edge technology.

Winning from the start

This particular property was shortlisted for the Sunday Times Smart Home of the Year, and took home the coveted Best Integrated Home at the CEDIA Awards. It is our firm belief that the home fared so well because we went above and beyond the client’s expectations – considering every detail to avoid any long-term issues.

With this project we were able to make a number of decisions ‘behind the scenes’ so as not to encroach on client time by working directly with the interior designer – Keeley Green Keeley Green Interior Design.  Working collaboratively we were able to determine:

  • What would look best
  • How best to ‘hide’ technology within the general décor
  • How music, lighting and entertainment centres would be used
  • How to guarantee simple, intuitive controls.

Perfection in partnerships

With a strong focus on entertainment, our first task was to integrate a TV set into the living room’s overall aesthetic, creating more a family room feel. We pride ourselves on our relationships with other industry professionals – in fact, it was another who recommended us for this project – so we set about collaborating with interior designers.

While the designers installed a bright and airy wall cabinet, we added a hidden television screen. When in use, the screen would form the perfect centrepiece for family gatherings, while out of use it blends in seamlessly to the family room aesthetic.

Not just a home

For every room, we carefully considered how the client would make use of entertainment technology. This affected not just the equipment choices themselves, but the positioning of furniture and storage to complement the client’s lifestyle. We needed an adaptable space that could offer the best acoustics, looks and comfort – whether for entertainment or rest and relaxation.

Hiding away

For the most flexibility, and indeed, futureproofing for later developments, we ‘hid’ the technology. In certain rooms, the home features a rustic décor in which overbearing entertainment systems would look out of place. To avoid disrupting the designer’s flow, we installed:

  • Invisible plaster-in speakers
  • TV lifts
  • Speakers hidden behind artwork.

A true entertainment zone

Of course, for areas in which nothing but modern would do, we built an immersive home cinema. Situated adjacent to the wine store in the property’s annexe building, this provides the perfect getaway from traditional décor into futuristic viewing.

We worked closely with Keeley Green to capture the pinnacle of comfort – large, sprawling seating areas positioned perfectly to take in the surround sound. With a 4K projector, our client can enjoy movies, boxsets and livestreaming in true cinema style.

Learn more about our luxury integrated cinema >

Playing to the individual

Whether it’s a different family member or a different function, every room can serve the residents’ tastes thanks to 20 independent audio zones. Our comprehensive cable infrastructure allows the client to customise music to play in different zones or multiple areas at once. They can also view video sources including satellite, with high-quality content available on one or multiple screens all at the same time.

Taking control

While we had no doubt the end result would look fantastic, it also needed to function. That’s why we installed automated lighting to complement the luxury integrated homes’ country house décor, designed to respond to user preferences.

The client can control all lighting through a bespoke iPad app, while hand-held controls are also available with large, tactile buttons to make them universally usable. These controls can be customised to create certain ‘scenes’ across the property, such as seasonal lighting, or automated fading in line with the sunset.

Such a bright and welcoming space lends itself to natural light too. We installed motorised curtains and blinds, cleverly tucked away so that they’re hidden out of view and adjustable at the touch of a button. The client can now customise these to their preferences, or they can work with sensors.

The iPad app and hand-held controls can also be used for climate control, while the home’s wireless network covers both indoor and exterior spaces. No stone is left unturned when it comes to convenience and functionality – nor security.

A safe space

With so much to protect, not to mention the security of the residents, we installed a comprehensive security system. The client can sleep easy thanks to an intruder alarm with advanced CCTV – offering video analytics and remote monitoring. Whether they’re home or away, they’ll be safe in the knowledge that the house is safe, the blinds are shut and décor is left untouched.

Putting SONA on the map

We’re incredibly proud of our award-winning luxury integrated home, which is a testament to our CEDIA Member of Excellence status. The client was thrilled with the results, and we look forward to pairing our technical talents with interior designers in the years to come.

If you would like to discuss an upcoming home technology project, please contact us here.