An Incredible, Inspiring, Integrated Home

The brief for all involved with this project was simple – to create something special and spectacular…

Through close collaboration with the main contractor and interior design team design by UBER, alongside a client with an exceptionally clear vision on the home they wanted to create – we truly believe this property is an exceptional example of what can be achieved when every detail is considered and how technology can enhance already great architecture, design and ultimately transform your life at home.

As with all our projects, SONA don’t believe that technology should just be about big TVs, lots of speakers and flashing lights.

Our belief is that technology should seamlessly enhance the spaces where you live when it comes to wellbeing, entertainment or ease of life, and that if it doesn’t – it shouldn’t be there.

It’s all in the Details

As construction of this property was already well underway when SONA joined the project, our team immediately spent time understanding the client and how the family wanted to live in the space.

We spent a lot of time getting to grips with the layouts and design details to ensure that the systems we were to provide were seamlessly integrated in every room so that it enhanced the aesthetic.

This process involved discussions regarding everything from co-coordinating ceiling layouts for lights, speakers and sensors, to window openings and structural steel details for motorised blinds, to the configuration of over 250 individual lighting circuits and a ‘dancing fountains’ water feature.


Detail in Documentation

SONA’s in house design team then produced numerous detail documentation for the site team including bespoke cabinet drawings, heat and power calculations, wiring schedules and all the information required to deliver a project of this magnitude and complexity, to the very highest standards.

Controlling Light

Control of both natural and artificial lighting throughout the house has been considered in great detail.  Many rooms benefit from hidden colour change and tune-able white lighting, which has been integrated into both feature settings, and also for natural settings such as good morning and good night scenes.
A good morning setting for example gently brings on internal lighting whilst setting the ground floor spaces to a deep red colour to simulate the rising sun.  These rooms then gently cycle through red, orange, yellow and finally to white over a 20 minute period to simulate sunrise throughout the house.

In an evening, the good night setting recreates the setting sun by carrying out this colour cycle in reverse, gradually turning all lights off in the house except the bedrooms.

What’s on your Wish List

The house itself is a striking architectural statement, with 3m ceilings on every floor and ceiling to floor motorised windows which give the impression that the internal rooms flow out to the outside spaces.  Clearly the environment and entertainment systems needed to match up to the aesthetic standard, and the SONA team developed a system with very little compromise.

Every living space and bedroom features a TV hidden within bespoke mirror frames, giving the family access to satellite and other sources through the latest OLED screens.  TV audio and music from streaming sources such as Spotify and TIDAL is played back through over 70 in-ceiling speakers throughout the home, with speakers positioned to provide comfortable and even sound throughout, in extremely high quality, and the system can at the touch of a button be configured to playback music throughout multiple areas simultaneously.

Everything Integrated

A number of features throughout the property are also seamlessly integrated with the intuitive control system – a 16 fountain water feature set into the rear patio area is programmed with preset dancing water sequences and the pumps can be individually controlled to create your own personal water ‘scene’.

The incredible floor to ceiling glazed doors are all motorised, with control through the lighting keypads – pressing and holding a button effortlessly opens up the house to the outside spaces, with security sensors integrated into all the doors so that an alert is presented should a door be left open when leaving the house.

Wonders with Windows

In a property of this size, with the sheer area of glazing and windows, control of natural light – both for practical reasons but also from a privacy consideration was an important element of the project.

All rooms within the home feature motorised blinds and or curtains that have been built into the structure of the building so that they are incredibly discrete.  Curtain tracks that are plastered flush into the ceiling, and blinds recessed into window heads with colour matched cover plates ensure that as with all the technology in this house – nothing detracts from the incredible interiors.

All blinds and curtains can be easily operated at the touch of a button from the wall mounted keypads, and from the hand-held remotes and bespoke iPad interfaces, with the iPads providing global functions such as closing all bedroom curtains with a single press.

At the front of the property, where the mid-day sun streams through the front rooms and is incredibly bright, the sheer blinds in those rooms automatically close at preset times relative to the sunrise and sunset times, with the ability to override the automated settings if required.