Beat The January Blues With These Stay at Home Hacks

January 1, 2020

After two weeks of eating, drinking and being merry, it’s no wonder we all kick off the New Year feeling a little down. Going back to work might take it out of you more than Christmas shopping, so you need to make your home your safe and happy space.

From first-class relaxation to enhanced productivity, here are a few ways to settle in to 2020 healthily and happily.

Re-acquaint yourself with the treadmill

You’ve likely had a few days off breaking a sweat. That’s totally normal. However, it also means you should ease yourself in slowly. Start with brisk walks on treadmills or some light hand weights before you hit your new exercise DVD full pelt.

A healthy body equals a healthy mind. Exercise has been proven to release endorphins and help stave off depression. With a home gym, you don’t even need to battle all those new January gym members.

Improve your sleep cycle with automation

According to the Sleep Foundation, lack of sleep is directly linked with depression. As dark winter mornings leave us hanging on for those extra 10 minutes in bed, we long to be more productive. You can change this pattern with automated technology in the house.

Tune your body into wind-down mode in the evening as automatic lights dim to prepare you for bed. Consider installing automatic blinds to gently open as the sun rises, helping to promote a healthy circadian rhythm and keep you smiling.

Kick back in your home spa

Booking appointments and leaving the house is a hassle. For 2020, bring the relaxing vibes home with your own home pool, spa or sauna. Studies have shown that home spas can help us sleep better, promote muscle relaxation and even lower your blood sugar! With looser muscles, you’ll be able to approach your day pain-free and happy.

Get the gang round for a home cinema experience

After weeks of going out and indulging, staying home sounds like the perfect antidote. Don’t forget – being around other people is one of the key factors of true happiness. As social creatures, we naturally expect to have other people around us, which has been shown to have a positive effect on our wellbeing.


For 2020, eschew the January sales and needless spending. Get the family or friends round for a casual night in watching your favourite box sets, or looking out for new releases for the decade.

Get organised with your own productivity space

You may have seen our article on the perfect “femme den”. Just like the man cave, this is your personal space to relax or be productive. If you’re really looking to smash 2020, embrace the Marie Kondo method of being organised for true happiness.

Use your productivity space to make plans for the year ahead. Buy a wallchart and mark out any key dates in your calendar – events, trade shows, social gatherings and whatever else you need to prepare for. Create an ambience that encourages productivity. Adjustable lighting complements brain-motivating colours like jade green to get those creative juices flowing. Consider bringing your smart devices into your productivity space, helping you to adjust light, temperature and music to get going.

With a motivated outlook, you’ll be ready not just to smash the year, but the decade. Speak to the SONA team today to see how luxury home technology can make 2020 your best year yet.