Meet the SONA team

The SONA Team

Simon Fulstow – Technical & Design Director

Leading the SONA team in terms of technical design, with 20 years of hands-on experience in the luxury home and super-yacht industry is Simon Fulstow.  It was inevitable that one day Simon would lead the way in creating his own vision for the perfect luxury technology company.

Simon founded SONA in 2012 focused not only on beautiful integrated systems, but just as importantly long-lasting client relationships and support – something he felt was lacking in the industry.  Since then SONA has continued to grow in to a well-respected, award-winning company with a long line of happy clients.

When asked what is his proudest achievement to date, Simon says ‘The fact that we have fantastic, ongoing relationships with all our clients is the thing that makes me the most proud.  Obviously our systems are beautiful, and we insist racks are perfect, but the only thing that really matters is that our clients are happy.’


Nicola Fulstow- Managing Director

Nicola, Simon’s wife, has worked behind the scenes in SONA since 2012, but has recently taken over as Managing Director in 2018 in order to keep driving the business forward, whilst Simon focuses on the area he lives and breathes – technology and design.

Nicola says ‘It just made perfect sense.  I was pretty much doing the job anyway, and my natural strengths are aligned with the role of taking a business forward and improving the way we do things.  Simon prefers to dedicate himself to the technology, design and the details that make us award-winning.  I focus on the big vision for the company, and the strategies aligned with that, so as a team we work pretty seamlessly.’


Alastair Barber – Projects Manager

Alastair joined SONA in 2016 as an Engineer, with an impressive background and reputation as an audio visual specialist.  Since then, Alastair was promoted to Projects Manager and now oversees all on-site works ensuring SONA standards are maintained across the board.  Once systems and timelines are agreed, Alastair takes over, working closely with clients and contractors to ensure all their needs are being met, and projects are running on schedule.


Andy Hill – Technical & Manager

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Josh Burnett – Content & Marketing Executive

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