SONA - Giving Your Home the Edge

SONA enter our projects knowing that our unique relationship with you will last for years.  We support your home and family with System Protection, the SONA Guarantee and Lifetime Updates.

Our expert team’s construction experience provides a distinct advantage when working on structurally complex projects, high end or period properties.  This is where design is of the upmost importance to SONA.

Like building a house on sand, a home automation system without its essential infrastructure, is worthless.  A complex, unique and intricate network of invisible cable infrastructure enables your home to look after you and your family both now, and as your home life evolves.

Whether it’s upgrades, tweaks or major changes, SONA pride itself in looking to the future in order to save you and your family inconvenience, stress and unnecessary cost later down the line.

Looking to the Future

When you’ve invested in an integrated smart home, the last thing you want to do is have it all ripped out and replaced, each time you want to update or change something.  It is therefore vital that your home automation company are thoroughly knowledgable about what will be possible in years from now, as well as what’s possible today.

Our continuing commitment to excellence in every area of luxury home automation design – from initial meeting, through our design, engineering and ongoing support – makes us an internationally recognised and award-winning company.

Part of this commitment to excellence is using our finely honed, and continually updated technological expertise to design and implement home automation systems which exceed your already high expectations both now, and in the future as your home evolves.

Our team combine decades of working on luxury residential and super-yacht projects – delivering the finest home automation.  You can see some of our latest projects here.


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