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SONA work closely with property developers, architects and interior designers to assist you in designing future ready homes without compromising on your vision or aesthetic.

Everyone appreciates the benefits technology can offer, and you will interact with hundreds of pieces of technology, every day, in your home.  However we don’t want it to ruin the aesthetics of your vision.   Get us involved from the start, and win on every count – beauty, performance and practicality.


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Getting a Home Technology expert involved from the start can help to over come seemingly unimportant details like this, that end up as costly or unsightly compromises for clients later on.

A common example could be the way that windows are designed.  Most of our clients these days require automated blinds and curtains, but oftentimes this has then involved the structural un-doing and re-doing of window surrounds to allow for the appropriate mechanisms.  Working together from the outset means that nobody needs to compromise on functionality or beauty.  This is just one common example.

We are on a mission to try and encourage more architects, developers and interior designers to work with us early on in the design process, to ensure essential cable infrastructure and suitable plant rooms are accounted for.  This partnership goes a long way to achieving a true luxury home – from a functional and practical point of view in addition to aesthetics and scale.

Accredited BIID & RIBA CPD Course – Designing Future Ready Homes

Our CEDIA RIBA CPD programs are delivered by Simon Fulstow, MD of SONA Projects Ltd, and CEDIA Volunteer Committee Member.

Simon is an active member within CEDIA and the AV industry and has recently been invited by CEDIA to work with other international CEDIA Board members.  Due to his reputation within the industry, Simon is now an active part of CEDIA and was recently part of the group who developed the CEDIA Members of Excellence program which aims to give consumers more power and knowledge to determine the level of experience and professionalism a home technology has.

Find out more about organising a RIBA CPD Course here for your company click here or email lucy@sona.technology 

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We love to hear from people looking to integrate and enjoy technology in their homes and projects, or just discuss the range of options available to them.

If you’re starting on a new home project or renovation and would like to discuss how we can use technology to make your home a more luxurious and more entertaining place we’d love to hear from you.

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