Automated Blinds and Curtains – The New Must Have for Luxury Homes

October 29, 2019

10 Reasons to Install Automated Blinds in Your Home

Some of the most common feedback we get back from our clients is that they wished they’d bought automated blinds or curtains sooner when it comes to lighting their home. While they may seem like an extravagance, they can actually save considerable amounts of money.

Based on customer testimonials, here are 10 reasons why automatic blinds and curtains are ideal for luxury homes.

They save you precious time.

With luxury homes generally covering numerous floors, with multiple reception, entertaining and often leisure spaces, each featuring many, often large windows –  adjusting multiple windows can be a chore and take up valuable time. Automated blinds and curtains can be customised to open and close in individual rooms automatically to your preferences, or setup so that a single button automatically closes them all simultaneously.

They can be installed anywhere.

Many luxury homes have bespoke window fittings, varying in shape and design from bay windows to dormers. Automated blinds can be fitted to work with a number of designs, affording many more opportunities than manual ones.

Extremely reliable wireless options are also available for where retrofitting cables is not practical.

They’re more secure.

Up to 1 in 8 children have been injured by blind cords. With automated blinds and curtains, there are no small parts or dangling strings, giving you peace of mind in the home.

They increase privacy and security.

In addition to child safety, automated blinds also keep your home secure. Users can set them to close automatically whenever they’re out of the house. Similarly, you can give the appearance of being home by setting them to a timer.

They’ll improve your sleep.

Our bodies’ circadian rhythms depend on natural light and darkness. With so many distractions on screens, we can upset these rhythms. Automate your blinds to gently close as the sun sets, or open gradually in the morning in line with your sleep patterns.

Automated blinds can help to protect your possessions.

After a number of years in direct sunlight, your belongings may become faded. Furniture, carpets and even artwork can all suffer from being exposed to open blinds. By automating your curtains to close while you’re out, you can make your items last longer. The curtains and blinds fit in perfectly with your home automation system.

Curtains or blinds that save you money.

Automated blinds are well-known in the industry for their energy efficiency. They’re up to two times as efficient as a double-glazed window, and can be integrated with automatic lighting to save even more energy in the home.

They’ll increase the value of your home.

Open to everyone, and particularly useful for those with accessibility issues, automated blinds and curtains can give your home the competitive edge. They can also maximise space by doubling up the functions of a single room. They’re a safe and convenient solution which buyers will love.

They’re not just for indoors…

Did you know that automated blinds can be used for outdoor functions too? Keep flies out, protect your home from gusts of wind or adjust the amount of sun you want in your sun lounge/conservatory.

They set the scene.

Looking for a blacked-out cinema feel, or perhaps a more romantic setting? All of these are available at the touch of a button with the automatic curtains. Each room can be customised to your preferences, or you can set them across the board.

Whether you want to improve your living space or increase sale value, automated blinds are a futureproof investment. Bring your home into the 21st Century and enjoy unrivalled comfort and convenience.

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