RIBA CPD Courses for RIBA Accredited Architects in Manchester, Cheshire, Liverpool, Cumbria. Delivered by SONA who are experts in the field of home technology with over 20 years experience in this niche industry.

RIBA CPD Courses

SONA is now offering the CEDIA RIBA CPD Course– Designing Home Cinema & Media Rooms.  This is now in addition to the original CPD Course ‘Designing Future Ready Homes’.

As an award-winning CEDIA member we can deliver this brand new course for RIBA Accredited Architects called Designing Home Cinema & Media Rooms. Only a select few technology professionals are able to deliver this course.  SONA’s Design and Technical Director, Simon Fulstow is one of them, with over 20 years in this area of expertise.

Digital entertainment plays a huge part in the modern lifestyle.  It is something that can be truly astounding when experienced in the correct environment. Dedicated and convertible entertainment spaces need careful thought and professional design to perform well, and ultimately wow the homeowner. Therefore it’s important to understand the principles of how to design and implement these entertainment spaces.

This CEDIA CPD will help RIBA Accredited Architects to understand the following topics:

– The difference between a home cinema and a media room and the basic vocabulary used

– How to raise awareness of home cinemas and media rooms

– Learn how to help clients choose and specify rooms and raise the standard of the rooms

– The components that make a good home cinema room or media room

– The design principles of sound and vision

– How to work with a system designer and look at requirements

Designing The Connected Home

SONA also offers the CEDIA RIBA CPD Course called Designing The Connected Home.  Designing The Connected Home is a great general overview of how the modern home needs to integrate technology for RIBA Accredited Architects

This course offers the opportunity to discover how to integrate home technologies for now and the future. It will show you what is possible, describe some alternatives, and explain how to incorporate the various systems.  All without detracting from your design and plans.

Therefore you’ll have a good grasp of modern best practice for low-voltage systems in the home by the end of the course.  Not only that, but you will also feel more knowledgable when it comes to specifying these systems. Most importantly you’ll know who to ask if you need help in a particular area.

In addition, this RIBA Accredited CPD will explore the advantages of working with a seasoned expert integrator like SONA and explore the solutions available.

If you are interested in this RIBA CPD course for your Architects practice then please call  01625 54 14 42 or email to organise a time and day to suit your practice.  

Our CEDIA RIBA CPD Course will: –

  • Highlight the specific challenges that clients face when it comes to installing luxury technology systems in homes without infrastructure
  • Explain how simple, small adaptions can greatly benefit your client in terms of the functionality of their home, without compromising your design
  • Demonstrate the latest in cutting edge technology to future proof your designs to accommodate your homes for today and tomorrow.
  • Reveal the latest ways we can integrate technology with the design of the home, without detracting from your vision

We’d love to work with you hand in hand to design the more future ready, conversation worthy homes, and learn more about how we can assist you in your vision.

If you would like to organise a RIBA CPD Course for your organisation please email or call  01625 54 14 42

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