SONA - Who are we?

Simon Fulstow – Founder (2012)

SONA was brought to life in 2012 by Simon Fulstow.   Simon began his journey in the luxury home automation business at the age of 18 when he dropped out of university and went to work in hi-fi store in the centre of Manchester.  It was there his talent for all things electronic combined with a hunger and drive to always add value to the customer, saw him progressing quickly up the ladder and becoming a face well known in the industry by his mid-twenties.

Life before SONA

Refining his design skills at Sensory International as Senior designer, Simon took responsibility for the entire design process, and management of the design team, from initial client meetings all over the world and explanation of concepts and technology, to the detailed system design, costing and presentation itself.  From start to finish, Simon was intimately involved in every project including technical liaison and designer for the largest privately owned yacht ever to be built in the UK.

Simon founded SONA in 2012 focused not only on beautiful integrated systems, but just as importantly long-lasting client relationships and support – something he felt was lacking in the industry.  SONA was created to serve clients for lifetime – not just the lifetime of one home.  The dream was realised and now SONA indeed have clients who have been with us for years and have worked with us on more than one property.

Known for World-Class Installations (2016)

In 2016 SONA recruited our now On Site Project Manager and Lead Engineer, Alastair Barber, to assist with installations, as SONA continued to win more work.  Ali, an already experienced engineer, hit the ground running, and in combination with Simon’s exacting standards and Ali’s tremendous work ethic, SONA’s reputation began to reach new levels.  Ali remains with us to this day as a core team member.  SONA clients never have enough lovely words to say about him, and when it comes to the best installs in the industry, Ali is your man.

Fresh Insight (2018)

Simon’s wife Nicola always worked in the background at SONA helping with admin, bookeeping and marketing as well as running her own personal branding and marketing business that she set up in 2007.

However in 2018 in a critical moment for the business, now with 2 small children, the couple made the decision for Nicola to step up to the role of driving the growth of the company, whilst Simon got back to designing award-winning, life-changing systems for clients.

Nicola, a natural big picture thinker and strategist, set to streamlining the business, finding ways to work more efficiently, putting systems and processes in place and recruiting a team with two goals in mind – to enhance the client experience from beginning to end and to help the team enjoy the process more along the way, and feel an even greater sense of achievement.

CEDIA Members of Excellence – Best of the Best

Since the team have been freed up to focus on their strengths, SONA has continued to grow in to a well-respected, award-winning company with a long line of happy clients.  In fact, we are proud to say we are 1 in a handful of CEDIA Member of Excellence’s which are considered elite installers in the technology industry worldwide.  SONA are multiple awards winners and Simon is considered a Thought Leader in this field, having being asked to speak as an expert at ISE Conference in 2019 and 2020.

When asked what is his proudest achievement to date, Simon says ‘There are so many.  It always makes me happy when we are recommended to someone.  Sometimes we walk in to a job and two or three separate clients or professionals have already recommended SONA.  That’s a great feeling.  I think that’s what any company wants.  For their reputation to proceed them in a positive way.

Working with my wife and the team we have got now is something that makes me proud.  It just works, and everyone puts everything in to it.  It’s so nice to share the success of SONA with others wereas when it was just me, I mostly just felt stressed and very, very busy for about 4 years!’

Looking to the Future

SONA now are always looking to refine what we do, to reflect the modern world and how people create a haven they call home in a very hectic world.

In just 8 short years the world is very different than it was when SONA started.  Social media is everything and everywhere, the world feels more connected, but less so; and information about the importance of certain health aspects like sleep, hormones and biophilia are becoming ever more popular topics of conversations, sometimes featured on the SONA blog.

Technology can feel empowering and overwhelming simultaneously.  Clients want to be ever-connected, but also want to escape the invasion of emails, messaging, advertising and constant stimulation through various mediums and technologies.  They want it for themselves, and their family.

We regularly are looking for new ways, products, systems, enhancements, edits and amplifications to enhance the feeling of wellness, relaxation and true meaningful connection during the time you spend at home.  To switch off from the need to always be productive.

Together Simon (the technology expert) and Nicola (a passionate advocate for wellness in post-natal women and children, especially those with autism) combine their passions to design homes that breed the feeling of renewal, revitalisation and relaxation for optimal wellbeing.

You can see some of our latest projects here.