5 Ways to Hide Your TV in Style

September 23, 2020

Whether it’s a hidden garden speaker or imposing home cinema, luxury technology can make all the difference and enhance your home.

At SONA, we believe the best technology achieves this without the user even knowing. There’s nothing quite like that first surprise when sound comes booming out of a hidden speaker, or automated blinds opening up to reveal the beauty within.

It’s even harder to believe this is achievable with televisions. Though modern-day TVs are larger than life with crisp high definition, they don’t need to spoil the aesthetic. To get the best from an all-powerful entertainment centre without changing your unique look, read on.

Choose a product that’s designed to be hidden

If you’re looking for a hidden TV solution that involves minimal disruption to your property, a specially designed product may be the way to go. We’re brand agnostic here at SONA, but we can advise you on the best product to suit your needs.

The Samsung Frame, for example, has been designed for art lovers. When the television is not in use, it acts as a blank canvas to display your favourite artwork. You can even customise it to display your favourite photos like the screensavers of yore. Samsung pride themselves on the inobtrusive design, in particular, with the lack of cables.

Take a mobile approach with hidden panels

This is a great way to blend the traditional with the modern. A hidden panel approach allows you to slide TVs in and out from behind panels, which are part of the room’s overall aesthetic. For example, the panel may be hidden behind a bookshelf.

This is ideal for smaller, flatscreen televisions. Their light weight makes them the perfect candidate for mobile sliding, so consider adding them to children’s bedrooms, playrooms or family areas. Alternatively, try a panel at the foot of the bed for adults’ rooms.

Incorporate bespoke furniture

Again, here you can mix a more traditional aesthetic, or you might have more modern furniture. This is your chance to get creative. You may ask your interior designer to create a ‘barn door’ setup – similar to the stylings of a dartboard, in which a flatscreen television is neatly tucked away.

Alternatively, you might have a bespoke entertainment centre. The television doesn’t need to have the starring role here. It could be hidden within a cabinet built to its measurements, with room for other enhancements like sound bars.

Enjoy a little self-reflection with mirror frames

This is perhaps one of the most inventive and classiest ways to hide a television. At SONA, we often hear of the interior designer versus tech installer clash: customers don’t want to see ‘wall acne’. Hence, we improvise: we use mirror frames to hide smaller televisions.

When the television is not in use, the space serves as a functional mirror with an ornate frame. One simple click of the remote transforms the mirror into a high definition television. This allows the room to serve multiple purposes – a quiet, library or relaxation space, or a place for social gatherings.

Watch televisions descend from the ceiling

For something extra special, consider installing a lift and swivel mechanism to make your TV appear almost from thin air. Again, this is ideal for adult bedrooms, giving a ‘master suite’ feel. TVS are hidden from view when not in use, and can be customised to drop slowly from the ceiling right into the viewer’s eyeline.

You might also consider motorising a television from the foot of the bed, or combining it with a hidden panel as above.

Avoid these pitfalls!

If you’d like to install a hidden television in your home, remember:

  • Keep both installers and designers informed at all stages to avoid ‘wall acne’
  • Consider sound quality and ensure you have room for enhancements e.g. hidden speakers
  • Don’t overlook colour schemes
  • Visualise the TV in use and hidden away to make sure it does not cause obstructions.


Let us guide the way today

If you’re looking for help installing a hidden television, speak to the SONA team. We’ll project manage the whole installation from start to finish, ensuring it meets your functionality and aesthetic needs.

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