5 Ways to Entertain the Kids During Lockdown

March 30, 2020

The government lockdown presents a new set of challenges for every UK household. Whether it’s a shift in working patterns or staying home with the kids, we all have to adapt. If you’re stuck for ideas on how to entertain the kids at home, try these tips from the SONA team.

Get crafty

There’s no better excuse to tidy up the house than being stuck indoors! Instead of viewing it like chores, make a game of reorganising the home. You and the kids can categorise their toys, and you can teach them the value of charity by choosing older toys to give away. You can also ‘Marie Kondo’ your wardrobe and play dress up – one last excuse to wear those clothes from the 80s. 

If you’re on a recycling binge, let the creative juices flow. An old washing up liquid bottle makes a classic rocket, while egg boxes and a balloon can be turned into a frog. It’s amazing what we can do with ordinary household items when we get creative.

Recreate the school environment

Just because they’re not at school, doesn’t mean the education stops – and you could be their favourite teacher! Thankfully, local schools are coming together to offer a wealth of solutions on how to home-educate your kids. To make it a little more authentic, why not add a school bell? There are dozens of apps out there to mimic the sound.

If you want to take it really far, you could even put them in their school uniform. Turn the back garden into the school playground – draw hopscotch on the patio or take it inside for P.E. with Joe. Kids need structure to keep their minds focused, so the more you can ‘carry on as normal’ (while making it fun, of course), the better. 

Run your own bake off

So, flour might be as difficult to get hold of as gold dust right now, but hang in there! If there’s no delivery slot for weeks, you can try a number of alternatives such as almond, coconut or quinoa flour, all of which are far less likely to be sold out. Bonus point – they’re great for gluten-free cooking, too. Now is your chance to get creative with the kids. Even if it’s just melting a few Easter eggs and mixing them with cornflakes, you can bake your own masterpiece. Bring it into the 21st Century with a YouTube video to follow. Charli’s Crafty Kitchen is a favourite among kids.

Jump on the Disney+ wagon

In an effort to make things as accessible as possible during lockdown, Disney+ are offering their new ad-free streaming service for just £5.99 per month. Tune in to all those Disney favourites from the Lion King to the Aladdin revamp and watch on any device – in your home cinema or on your tablet. The best part is Disney+ isn’t just for the kids. Indeed, you can add it to their curriculum with nature programmes on National Geographic, but you’ll also have access to all the content from Marvel, Star Wars and 20th Century Fox. Watch Despicable Me by day and Darth Vader by night!

Discover wildlife

While your local zoo might be livestreaming its animals, you can also see hundreds of different breeds just by going outside into your garden. At a time like this, it’s so important to get the kids out in the fresh air, so encourage them to appreciate the new springtime blooms. You could plant your own sunflowers or watch the bumblebees on the daffodils.

One great way to discover wildlife and promote conservation is the Beekind Tool. This lets you identify the flowers in your garden that are best for pollination. Alongside bees, there are frogs, squirrels and birds to learn about. Learning doesn’t have to be restricted to the classroom, after all. 

Hang in there!

Thanks for reading part 1 of SONA’s new wellbeing series for lockdown. Stay tuned for weekly updates on our blog on how to stay healthy.