5 Ways to Automate Your Home

January 24, 2020

The smart home revolution is here – gone are the days when futuristic appliances were the domain of fantasy movies. The emergence of the Internet of Things is helping us to save time, money and energy, and it’s less complicated than you might think.

In days gone by, automation was a dirty word, sparking fears of job losses. Today, it’s simply an exercise in efficiency – we’re working smarter, not harder. This goes beyond the workplace, having started out in factories and landed right here in our kitchens.

At SONA, our dream is to make the home as comfortable and convenient as possible. These little lifestyle hacks will start your day off right and let you come back to a warm and welcoming home.


This is a bestseller for our luxury home technology team, and it’s easy to see why. By automating lighting in the home, you can boost your productivity and improve your sleep. Consider automating low lights to turn on gently as you approach your natural waking up time, or adjusting this for weekends.

You can also adjust brightness depending on your activities, for example bright lighting for maximum productivity in home studies, or winding down into the evening. SONA’s luxury lighting systems can be synchronised with music, for example in home gyms, or with different colours to create mood effects in swimming pools and home cinemas.


These go hand in hand with automated lighting. Once you’ve tried automating blinds, you’ll never want to go back! Automated blinds provide extra reassurance when you’re out at work or away on holiday. You can pair them with automated lights to create a look of presence in the home.

There are also the safety and energy-saving benefits. If you’ve got little ones running around, these cordless systems prevent accidents. Plus, keep an eye on your energy bills by allowing natural light into the home and keeping key areas insulated.


This goes beyond stopping the pipes from freezing like your nanna used to! With today’s smart meters, we can optimise our heating systems for energy efficiency and cost savings. Modern tech allows us to program our heating remotely – warm up the home from your mobile before you leave work, or keep it ticking over all day to keep those pets happy.


There’s a whole new meaning to the term ‘remote control’, thanks to the advent of smart TVs! Set up your favourite programmes to record remotely from your mobile device, or even to switch on the moment you walk through the door. Never miss a moment with series linking, and customise your settings depending on the vibe you want to create – ideal for home cinemas.

You can even personalise your home entertainment using algorithmic recommendations. From boxsets to playlists, today’s streaming services will tailor content for you. Looking for a tough session in the home gym? Set your playlist to come on as soon as you wake up, or segue into a cool-down with the touch of a button.


All of the above turn your home into a welcoming space. You can even adjust lighting in the kitchen to go from concentrated cooking mode to chilled-out entertainment. But what about a little you-time? Enter, the smart bathtub – the most hands-off relaxation gadget you’ll ever lay eyes on. This innovative device fills the tub to your desired level and temperature, so you can busy yourself with the candles rather than the taps! It’s the perfect complement to a home swimming pool or sauna, ideal for avoiding the crowds at the gym.

Turn your dream home into a reality

At SONA, we’ll guide you through the installation process on any or all of these home automation devices. Speak to the team today for more tips on how to make your home forward-thinking and efficient.