The sign of a good smart home system is that it just works.  Almost to the point that you take it for granted.

In today’s modern home, having reliable, robust and secure Wifi and network is more important than ever.   Virtually every new electronic device these days has some form of connectivity – from the latest smart phones and tablets, to ‘smart’ appliances such as ovens and washing machines.

All of these devices create strain on a home network and can undermine and negatively affect other equipment within your home.

Instant Access

SONA can provide networking solutions from always available Internet access, to enabling all of your networked devices to communicate together and work to their optimum.

Convenient, fast access to the internet in every room in the house, wherever, whenever.

This means fast access to uninterrupted music streams, emails and the internet whenever you want it, without frustrating and maddening waits whilst your device ‘buffers’.

Where you or family use ‘cloud’ services to store photos, documents and other files remotely, then a robust network becomes even more critical, ensuring that you can continue to access your content reliably.


If your home is located outside of standard service providers coverage, SONA can also advise on and provide alternative connections and multiple or redundant Internet services to ensure you are always connected.

These services can also include dedicated, ultra-high speed fibre connections directly to your home with enterprise class performance, support and reliability.

SafeGuarding & Security

In addition to supplying and installing the physical hardware that is required, SONA can also configure restricted access to certain websites and services so that the Internet remains a safe place for your family to use.  Providing you with the ability to restrict access based on device or time of day means you are always in control of the content children have access to.

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