Cabling Infrastructure

Like building a house on sand, any technology without its essential foundations and infrastructure – is worthless.

SONA recognise that any technology is only as reliable as it’s underlying foundations.

Whilst they may not be the glamorous element of an install, they are the most fundamental.  Get this wrong, and you will end up spending double the money further down the line trying to put a sticking plaster on problems that could have been avoided.

With home technology, this means essential cabling infrastructure for your luxury home.  This allows reliable transmission of data and audio video signals throughout a property.


Even wireless equipment still needs to connect to a device which is ultimately plugged in.   The best performing wireless systems all require multiple wired connections to operate

When we talk of wireless, we liken it to standing in a large hall, and trying to communicate with a person at the other end.  Each person, represents a wireless device.  The more people you put in the room, the more difficult it is to communicate effectively and efficiently.

Not only that, but wireless devices can interfere and impact upon other electronic devices within your home – for example baby monitors are particularly sensitive.

Essential Cabling Infrastructure

For this reason we treat cabling infrastructure as a fundamental element of your property.   SONA design unique solutions for every project to ensure that the structured cabling is as future-ready as possible.  This allows us to support the installation of equipment throughout a home, and additions over its lifetime.  However it also provides advancements in technology that provide higher performance and quality.

Our approach to your essential structured cabling means that our infrastructure systems are the gold-standard.

SONA excel in designing and planning installations both invisibly, seamlessly and to world-class standards.  Whilst you may never see these cables, we still believe that it is crucial that this work is carried out perfectly.

We’re proud to say we are recognised in the industry for these very standards having won awards for our rack builds.

Our attention to detail at this stage of a project ensures that all of the technology that is selected for your home operates optimally from the day we hand over.  Not only that, but future upgrades and updates can be incorporated in to your home seamlessly and with the absolute minimal of disruption.

If you have any questions about cabling infrastructure for your residential project, we would be more than happy to advise and provide our expert opinion.  Call +44 (0) 1625 54 14 42 to speak with one of our technical cabling experts or make an enquiry here.  We’ll come back to you within 24 hours.

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