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Full and total Audio Visual control 

Throughout your day there are ebbs and flows in your home.  Moments of perfect silence, and bursts of activity.

Each individual has sensory preferences that widely differ.  Some people concentrate better with background noise, others in silence.  Music tastes are often eclectic and vary depending on time of day, and mood.

When it comes to luxury in the area of audio-visual, the only answer is a system that can be flexible, instantly reactive and convenient; effortlessly preempting or responding to the rhythm of your day.

Increased Reactivity & Convenience

Multi-room audio from SONA gives you increased control and reactivity to your mood and environment, with way more convenience.

SONA’s multi-room audio creates the most effortless way to enjoy quality listening throughout your home, in line with your sensory preferences.

Whilst you can control music from your phone wherever you are on the grounds, you can also use a SONA control if you’ve misplaced your phone or left it in another room.  There’s always a convenient way in any room to quickly reduce or increase volume, change tracks or turn devices off/on.

It’s SONA’s job to ensure all family members are equally happy, so different playlists can be played simultaneously in a variety of rooms.  Ideal for entertaining when different groups congregate in different rooms with varying taste in music.

Whether it’s a movie soundtrack, or your favourite Spotify or TIDAL playlist – there’s no need to stop the enjoyment because you need to go to a different room, or embark on a different activity elsewhere.

Multi-room audio allows you endless possibilities.  You can wake up in the morning and enjoy an uplifting soundtrack whilst you work out in the gym.  Then go for a shower and continue to feel motivated as music follows you through the house before you leave for the day.

Creating Spaces to Unwind In

SONA find that in today’s modern culture we are often busy multi-tasking even when we’re meant to be relaxing.  Focussing on relaxation has become harder than ever before, as we often have our phones stuck to us, checking messages whilst watching TV.

SONA create the places and spaces that can aid true relaxation or uplifting entertainment, whether that be movie night or gaming.

Immersive viewing experience like you’ve never experienced.  Our role is to create a space that captivates your attention and leaves you in a more positive state than before your entered.

Discreet Designs

SONA make a commitment to ensure your carefully selected décor isn’t ruined by unsightly black boxes or speakers.

Whilst we are a home technology company, our appreciation of aesthetics and finer details sets us apart.

SONA custom design bespoke audio visual solutions to suit your interior down to exact colour matching , unique custom art or furniture.  For example TVs can be hidden behind mirrors and speakers can look like artwork .

We can make equipment completely appear or disappear at the touch of a button.

Captivating Visual

SONA will give you immersive viewing when you want the distraction or to escape from the outside world.  With more life-like images that captivate and hold your attention, you can get lost in your chosen program or film.

We also appreciate that sometimes you want to relax without TV.  With the touch of a button, equipment can disappear allowing you to enjoy a book or some relaxing music, whilst appreciating the beauty of your home.

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