How We Work

A SONA integrated smart home system is for discerning clients who appreciate attention to detail. For those who demand perfection, and they themselves have the most exacting standards.

A SONA system is for clients that want to do things right first time.  We do this through:

  • Understanding Your Home Life
  • Learning about Your Preferences
  • Applying decades of experience in the industry
  • Ensuring all our Engineers are highly trained and meticulous
  • Applying the latest technology
  • Appreciation and care of design details in your home
  • Carefully planned and managed projects

Read more about how we look after our clients post-install with our System Protection and the SONA Guarantee.

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Understanding Your Home Life

We may be home technology experts, but SONA are not focusing on what technology is needed at first.  It is imperative that we understand how you live at home.  Only then can we understand the right technology needed to bring your house to life.

Room by room, we will walk through, discussing your daily routines and the practicalities of life at home (and how we can make those routines easier, quicker and more enjoyable).

We provide honest advice where we believe it will assist you in truly enjoying your home.  At the end of the day, we never want a client to say “I wish I would have…”  so we ensure that you are fully knowledgable about all the options available to you before we agree on anything.


The Practicalities of Modern Living

Sometimes large scale luxury residences require technology that assists with the practicalities of looking after such a house.  Sometimes this is technology that one may never have considered, or even needed before.  For example, drawing and opening curtains and blinds in every room for a home with 30 windows could take some time.  This can get pretty tedious, but SONA have all the solutions and can pre-empt your biggest challenges due their decades of experience working closely with clients like yourself.

It’s our job to think through every detail and advise you on how home life could be more intuitive when it comes to lighting, av, security, networking.  Our job is to take care of the details that makes the difference between your home looking after you, or the other way around.

Appreciation of Design

Of course, being home technology experts, we love all this tech!  However we appreciate architecture and design with just as much excitement and passion.

It is our pleasure to work alongside your Architect and Interior Design team to create bespoke decor and details to ensure technology doesn’t infringe on the aesthetics of your home.

From colour-matched speakers, bespoke artwork, mirrored TVs, hidden TVs, and bespoke furniture to house your equipment, we ensure every detail is considered,  so every team member is working towards the same goal.


Architecture and Planning Future Ready Homes

Getting home technology experts involved from the early stages of a project means that all bases are covered before a brick is even set in place.  All luxury houses require some form of integrated technology, however not all houses are designed to be equipped with systems such as ours.  For example, we have worked on large scale residences where a plant room has been overlooked, or located somewhere that gets very hot!  Not great for sensitive technology.

However working with your Architect early on helps everyone to avoid compromises later on down the line.  Our experience in working on many luxury residences and marine projects means that we always have a solution that means nobody will need to compromise.

Client Care

We take our role in your home very seriously. Our Engineers are discreet, polite and courteous and tidy-ness and hygiene are of the upmost importance.  Our Engineers are trained to care for your home and respect your family – this is at the core of our approach.  We work neatly, safely and efficiently in a way to minimise time on site and disruption to your home life.

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