How We Work

A SONA integrated smart home system is for discerning clients who appreciate attention to detail. For those who demand perfection, and they themselves have the most exacting standards.

A SONA system is for clients that want to do things right first time.  We do this through:

  • Understanding Your Home Life
  • Learning about Your Preferences
  • Applying decades of experience in the industry
  • Ensuring all our Engineers are highly trained and meticulous
  • Applying the latest technology
  • Appreciation and care of design details in your home
  • Carefully planned and managed projects

Read more about how we look after our clients post-install with our System Protection and the SONA Guarantee.

If you’re like us and like details, scroll down for more info on what will happen after you’ve picked up the phone and called us…

6 Step Process

1.Free Consultation

We may be home technology experts, but SONA are not focusing on what technology is needed at first.  It is imperative that we understand how you live at home usually during a free face-to-face consultation and ideally on site.  Only then can we understand the right technology needed to bring your house to life.

Room by room, we will walk through, discussing your daily routines, rituals and the practicalities of life at home (and how we can make those routines easier, quicker and more enjoyable).

We work with you to refine those daily rituals to enhance your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing at home; in addition to listening carefully to your likes / dislikes, what you want access to and be able to do with the system and, talk about the budget you have in mind.

We usually at this point, can give an approximate idea of realistic costs involved, and talk about options you may want to consider.

At the end of the day, we never want a client to say “I wish I would have had…”  so we ensure that you are fully knowledgable about all the options available to you before we agree on anything.


2. Planning & Research

Sometimes large scale luxury residences require technology that assists with the practicalities of looking after such a house.  Sometimes this is technology that one may never have considered, or even needed before.  For example, drawing and opening curtains and blinds in every room for a home with 30 windows could take some time.  This can get pretty tedious, but SONA have all the solutions and can pre-empt your biggest challenges due their decades of experience working closely with clients like yourself.

It’s our job to think through every detail and advise you on how home life could be more intuitive when it comes to lighting, av, security, networking.  Our job is to take care of the details that makes the difference between your home looking after you, or the other way around.

3. Presentation Stage

At this point we will come out to you, or you are welcome to come to SONA HQ to be presented with overall concept, details and budget for each room.

Together with inspirational images the idea is to give you a strong feel for how you will use the technological elements of your home, day to day, week to week in each room – whether it be as part of your day to day routines and living or on special occasions.

We support this with samples of finishes and various options when it comes to budget or look.

4. Detailed Proposal

Should you like what you see, feel and hear from SONA, and after some refinement, we then enter into the incredible detail of a SONA design proposal now that you are excited about how you will go about the possibilities that technology can add to life at home.

Of course, being home technology experts, we love all this tech!  However we appreciate architecture and design with just as much excitement and passion.

It is our pleasure to work alongside your Architect and Interior Design team to create bespoke decor and details to ensure technology doesn’t infringe on the aesthetics of your home.

From colour-matched speakers, bespoke artwork, mirrored TVs, hidden TVs, and bespoke furniture to house your equipment, we ensure every detail is considered,  so every team member is working towards the same goal.

From intricate cable schematics and plan drawings of every aspect of the design including: –

  • Completely transparent pricing line by line
  • Budgeting through proposed payment schedules
  • Project timelines in order to meet your goals
  • Clarity for contractors

5. Installation

Once installation begins, SONA will project manage the various contractors required until you are ready to move in.  SONA are fairly unique in that we build most of the equipment racks here at SONA HQ.  Doing so in a controlled environment means that we can properly test and commission all of your equipment before we bring it to site.  This is a far more efficient process, and if there are any glitches they can be identified and rectified before we even get on site.  This makes for a more seamless install when we arrive at your home.


6. Continuous Service & Support

You will use the technology in your home hundreds of times a day.  The relationships we form with you will be long-lasting – extending well beyond the installation stages.

Home automation support, value for money and premium service are at the core of our ethos.  A big promise to make, but we are bold in saying that if you work with us, you will have no regrets.

Whilst SONA carefully select products based on performance and reliability, technology isn’t perfect and can go wrong.  Over the lifetime of a system the chances of an individual piece of equipment having an issue can increase.  Particularly if they are not being regularly maintained.  SONA have solutions is place to overcome this.  Check out our home automation support and commitment to you in our SONA Guarantee.

We take our role in your home very seriously. Our Engineers are discreet, polite and courteous and tidy-ness and hygiene are of the upmost importance.  Our Engineers are trained to care for your home and respect your family – this is at the core of our approach.  We work neatly, safely and efficiently in a way to minimise time on site and disruption to your home life.

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We love to hear from people looking to integrate and enjoy technology in their homes and projects, or just discuss the range of options available to them.

If you’re starting on a new home project or renovation and would like to discuss how we can use technology to make your home a more luxurious and more entertaining place we’d love to hear from you.

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