Existing Systems

Have you spent thousands of pounds on an existing system – a so-called ‘luxury’ integrated smart home system that doesn’t work?

Are you fed up making endless calls to your installer who won’t answer the phone, or refuses to be accountable for the solution?

Are you willing to accept that you may need to make a further investment in putting right once and for all the mess than another installer has created?

If this sounds like you, SONA may be able to help.

We’ve worked on a number of Home Technology Rescues over the last few years in the North West, and have been shocked at just how appalling these systems were.

Left with disappointing systems, equipment that didn’t work, a mess of wires that can’t be deciphered or aren’t documented and no warranty or company to call to support, we stepped in to help in order to get them up and running.


Prevention is Better than Cure

SONA try to provide educational blogs and helpful guides so that you can do your due diligence with confidence and can sometimes recommend other companies who can help in a time of crisis.

It is just as important to SONA to see the industry raise it’s standards and produce more strict measures to protect clients, so please do not feel that what you are currently putting up with, is acceptable.  It isn’t.

We recommend that if you have had disatisfactory service from your Home Technology Company, that you report it to CEDIA.

Feel free to contact us for advice if you feel at a loss for where to turn.  We will always help wherever we can.

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