Luxury Integrated Home

After being recommended to the client by another industry professional, SONA were given the opportunity to work on this amazing family home and deliver a luxury technology experience which enhances every corner of the property yet is virtually invisible and completely in sympathy with the interior.

Every Detail Matters

Our team’s experience, expertise and meticulous planning ensure that every client decision is analysed in great detail to preemptively avoid any compromise in terms of functionality or aesthetics. When the little things are overlooked, it always results in a compromised end result for the client, and SONA strive to avoid our clients having to compromise or ‘make do’.

We look to the future and analyse how every technological decision will play out in the real world, and devise optimal solutions that exceed client expectations.


Interior Design Meets Technology

In this property, for example – the client requested a TV in the Living Room as the main family room.

Behind the scenes, we then worked hand-in-hand with the Interior Designer to ensure a seamless aesthetic – in this case, with a hidden TV within a beautiful bespoke cabinet in keeping with the rooms decor.

In the background we were also considering the use of the room, and how technology could deliver an enhanced experience for the client each time they retire to that room to relax in the evening.   Whether that be visually, auditory, positioning of seating or how they control the technology in that room.

Behind The Scenes

All these considerations and discussions take place behind the scenes so as not to encroach on the client’s valuable time.  SONA determine the best possible way to deliver the requirements of our clients and work seamlessly with our Project Partners to ensure the best results – from how it performs, to how’s its used and how it looks.

This is just one small example of how we managed the effortless balance of state-of-the-art home technology with a beautifully, carefully designed interior.


Comprehensive Infrastructure

Multiple buildings across the site all feature a comprehensive cable infrastructure including fibre optic cabling and all benefit from a wireless network which covers the whole site including the interior and exterior spaces.


Over 20 Zones of Music

Over 20 independent zones of audio allow the family to enjoy different music throughout the home, or link areas to play the same music throughout for entertaining, with video sources including satellite, and a high-quality movie server system are available independently or simultaneously on all TVs.


Hidden Technology

In rooms where the interior design and aesthetic was paramount we incorporated a number of custom solutions to conceal equipment including invisible plaster-in speakers, TV lifts and speakers hidden behind artwork.

Automated Lighting

All rooms and spaces feature intelligent lighting, which provides intuitive and simple recall of scenes across the property, with advanced features such as automatically turning lights on as the sun sets.
Natural lighting is also controlled by the system through motorised curtain and blinds which are seamlessly integrated so that the ambience of rooms can be adjusted either at the touch of a button or automatically depending on the time of day or by occupancy sensing in guest areas.


Intuitive Control

Users can choose to use iPads featuring a bespoke app for control of their environment and to access the various audio video options available to them, or simple ‘companion’ hand-held controls which feature tactile buttons and provide a more familiar interface for guests.


Immersive Home Cinema

Adjacent to the wine store in the main annexe building, SONA designed and installed a luxurious private cinema which features an immersive surround system and 4K projection system.

You can see full details of this spectacular cinema by visiting the case study here.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is provided through a comprehensive intruder alarm and advanced CCTV which features video analytics and remote monitoring.


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