Think all home automation companies are the same? 

In reality the market is saturated with a HUGE difference in standard of ‘home technology’ companies from people with little to no experience in this niche, to established companies with hundreds of employees.

So, why should you speak with us initially about the possibility of working on your home?


Don’t Ask Us.  Ask Our Clients.

Established in 2012, with a long list of happy clients whose systems we continue to maintain, service and upgrade we have a proven track record of clients who recommend and continue to use us for home upgrades and new properties in their portfolio.  We’ll let our clients do the talking for us in our Testimonials.


We Offer the Best Value

People sometimes assume that because we’re good, we’re expensive!  This is not the case.

Line for line on the same equipment – we’ll always be competitive as we have some of the best supplier terms available.

Our proposals are completely transparent so that you have total power and control over choosing the right contractor for you.  Line for line on the same brand of hardware we are extremely competitive. Not all hardware is created equal.  Different companies use different brands, for different reasons.  Some of those reasons revolve around being the cheapest.   Our choices are based around quality and creating the best possible system for your budget.

Where competitors are cheaper than us, we can quite confidently say that it is because they use cheaper equipment and / or spend less time designing, project managing it and installing it.   We only use what we truly believe in.  Check out our post on ‘Ok, We Admit It, These Projects Were Cheaper Than Us!’

We’ll Look After You for Years

The relationship with your Smart Home Installer will be the longest lasting relationship out of all the contractors involved in the construction of your home.  This is because it involves those systems you rely on and interact with daily.  In some cases hourly!

From the moment we meet, you’ll see that you can trust us.  We’re well-known for our impeccably detailed and transparent proposals and plans so that our clients can rest-assured there are no hidden costs and every penny has a purpose that you will appreciate.  Read more about our Design Process and Documentation.

Not only that but we take our relationship with our clients very very seriously.  Client care runs throughout every element of our business from System Protection to the SONA Guarantee. When we enter in to a contract with you, we see it as a long term relationship way past the install.


We Care About The AV Community

We care about the reputation of our entire industry.  Our work really matters to us.  Check out the work we do with Home Technology Rescues in and around the North West to try and restore the industry’s reputation.

As a company, we are dedicated not only to our company’s progression, but to the advancement of the whole industry.  We work with CEDIA alongside fellow quality installers across the world to improve the industry.  SONA consider it to be part of our duty to educate consumers on how to get the best integrated home from whomever they work with.

We’ve even started our own campaign ‘Raise The Bar’ to increase standards in the industry.

You Won’t Have Regrets

We are confident in guaranteeing that if you use SONA for your luxury integrated home technology, you will not regret it.

We’ve worked with many, many clients all over the world like yourself, with the most discerning tastes and highest expectations – we don’t disappoint.  We deliver.

A bold statement to make, but we have a long line of happy clients who we continue to serve and support whom we have worked with for years.  This is testament to our incredible team and their dedication to exceptional standards and extra mile mentality.


We Only Do World Class.

Whilst we take on projects in all price brackets, we only do world-class systems.  Whether you’re looking for a £50,000 integrated home or a £1,000,000 home automation system – you always get world class.

We have over 2 decades of experience in this luxury niche field.  We know exactly what we are doing.

Our team comprises of some of the UK’s leading luxury home AV experts.  Design & Technical Director Simon Fulstow sits on CEDIA’s Membership Committee, and has also previously sat on the Industry Relations Committee and Designations Taskforce.  Part of Simon’s role is continually liaising with the world’s leading innovators in the field to ensure we keep raising our game and he has personally been in the industry for over 20 years.

Read more about who is behind SONA here.

Multi-award winning CEDIA Member Company

We’re immensly proud of our award-winning status with CEDIA for technology installation that highlights the exceptional standard of installation that SONA deliver to produce both technically and aesthetically superior systems.

CEDIA is the international trade association and central touch point for over 3,700 member companies worldwide who design, manufacture, and install technology for the home.

Read more about how we came to be an Award Winning Company with CEDIA


We Look to the Future, as well as Today

The whole point of what we do is to ensure that your home looks after you today, and tomorrow.

Whilst we can not design your home, like an Architect, or decorate it, like an Interior Designer, we are absolutely the best placed experts to work with these key contractors to ensure that your home will be practical and functional when it comes to your home technology.  Read our blog Avoiding Disaster:  The Biggest Mistakes You Want to Avoid with Your Luxury Home.

We look at designing systems that future-proof your home and your initial investment – something that admittedly Architects and Interior Designers can not predict.  Our experience means that we know more about how you will end up using your home than anyone else involved in the build.  Our value lies in being able to prevent expensive and frustrating mistakes that could have easily been avoided, IF we’re involved early enough in the process.

Our finely designed bespoke cable infrastructure allows you to upgrade or change features of your home in the future easily, with minimal disruption, and in the most cost-effective manner.

Would you like to chat to us about the ideas you have for your home technology?  Call +44 (0)1625 54 14 42 or Contact Us with the details of your project and let’s talk about your exceptional home.

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